Quintessentially inspired by West African vogue for the stylish girl”. “Byatoke seeks to provide innovative and quality designs which are both elegant and accessible to all women”.BYATOKE

Today’s business feature is this black-owned fashion brand for the stylish girl and with this unique brand message, I just couldn’t help but write about them. Owned by Fisayo Fawehinmi, By Atoke is a fashion brand made for a stylish girl with the primary aim of creating outstanding fashion pieces.

One outstanding fact about this brand is the fact that their garments are locally sourced and constructed by local artisans. This is part of their plan to “entrench our conscious and eco-friendly identity“. In a fashion sophisticated world like ours, it is rare to see fashion brands placing eco-friendliness and the safety of their environment at the center of their brand.

With different collections inspired by real-life concepts, this brand is on its way to becoming one of the top fashion brands in the country. Their initial collection, “Sisi Eko” was inspired by the iro and buba, creatively retouched to re-introduce the iro and buba in a modernised style to suit the contemporary appeal and request.

The latest collection which is still in the works is the “Omoge Edit” which will feature the “Lara” shirred mini dress and the “Shade” ruched top. The fashion pieces from the first collection are all amazing, and this speaks much about what to expect in the next collection. To shop these amazing pieces, Say hi to Byatoke here!

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