Black is beautiful, and we can all attest to that. However, there are some people who are not completely comfortable with the colour of their skin. It is for this reason that skin bleaching, or lightening is a common phenomenon.  There are different creams and oils available for this purpose and many have gotten in on it. Without preaching for or against this, here are a few things that you should probably have at the back of your mind before attempting to lighten or bleach your skin.

  • What are you using to bleach the skin?

Unless you’re thinking of surgery, you would probably need a good cream. You would need one that would not only work but would also be safe for your skin. At that, some of these creams are very expensive. It is generally safer to use bleaching creams that contain natural ingredients. Some substances used for making bleaching creams can be very harmful to you and, sometimes, your unborn children in the long run.


Harmful substances like hydroquinone, mercury, and steroids should be completely avoided. Don’t buy products that have such substances in them. It is also very important to read the instructions. What are its side effects? How often are you to use it? The ultimate goal is to ensure that you do not damage your skin.

What You Should Know Before Lightening Your Skin 1

  • For how long?

The next thing to consider is how long you plan on doing it. It can’t be done forever, or you may permanently damage your skin. More so, the nature of your expected outcome should also guide you in making that decision. How light do you really want to get?


  • Why do you really want to be lighter?
    It is also important for you to realise why you want to bleach your skin. If it is because many people do it and you want to jump on the trend, it’s advisable that you don’t. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of doing it before going into it and think about it deeply. Finding out the reason is important, so you don’t ever regret it or miss your old skin colour. Skin bleaching comes with various side effects either temporal or permanent, hence a lot of thought must be given to it.

What You Should Know Before Lightening Your Skin 2


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