Make-up is art. Really, it’s fine art. It involves painting, drawing, lining, colouring, and so much more to make it complete. In real times, it almost defines beauty, so much that a lot of ladies don’t feel complete without it. Don’t get us wrong, it’s wonderful; however, it can get completely tiresome and draining! It can get uncomfortable as well. There are just some days when you want to be able to scratch your face without staining your hands and hug people without the fear of staining their clothes; there are just days you want to be free. How do you manage to drop the makeup or apply the barest minimum and still look good? Here are interesting tips:

  • Keep your skin in the best shape

How to get away with little or no make-up 1

People use makeup for one of two reasons. It is either to accentuate their beauty and look extra glamorous, or to simply cover up their imperfections. This is why ladies with heavy burns or spots, go heavy with their use of makeup so as to cover it all up. For you to be able to comfortably leave your face bare, your skin has to be in a good shape. Stay hydrated and use trusted skin care products to achieve this.

  • Shape your eyebrows

How to get away with little or no make-up 2

We honestly cannot ignore the necessity that a well-crafted eyebrow has become. It can take your entire look from drab to fab in minutes. So, even if you want to avoid the overall stress of drawing and highlighting, keeping your brows in shape would save you from a lot of questions and keep your face lifted regardless.

  • Have a nice hairdo on

How to get away with little or no make-up 3

A nice hairstyle gives your face a lift as a lady. Hence, even without makeup, with the right hairstyle on, your face can still look marvellous. This is why a lot of ladies who are on low-cut choose to use heavier makeup – there’s nothing for them to hide under!


  • Accessorize

Your face might be bare, but with the right earrings or neckpiece, it would barely be noticed. Accessories do the same thing makeup does in terms of accentuating your overall beauty. However, keeping it simple is paramount. There’s a thin line between just okay, and too much.


  • Accentuate one thing


Finally, if at all you choose to apply slight makeup, keep it simple by accentuating one thing. If you choose to bring out your beautiful eyes, use an eye-liner or a mascara for it. For your lips, a red lipstick or a lip-gloss would completely change your look. Just find what works for us and project only that while keeping the rest of your face free from stress.



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