If there’s any colour that has captured the idea of glam, sophistication, and partying in style, it is white. White has become the go-to colour for classy birthday parties, hen nights, baby showers, boat cruise parties, and so much more. It is no surprise though; the colour represents both serenity and elegance. The great thing about white however, is that almost anybody can wear the colour and look absolutely stunning in it. That is of course, if you can sit neatly through the entire event. And if the piece is for a red carpet event, you can be sure that the contradiction of the carpet to your dress would make it an absolute beauty. While international celebrities have showed up in the colour on the red carpets, nobody does it better than our stars, here in Nigeria. Here are some of our Nollywood favourites, in no particular order.

  1. Genevieve Nnaji

The eclectic actress, Genevieve, has been in stardom long enough to know what suits her and what doesn’t. So, it is no surprise her ‘white game’ is off the charts.














Source: Pulse.ng

Whether it is a simple white jumpsuit, or a daring white dress, she does it with utmost ease.














Photo Source: Pulse.ng

2. Adesuwa Etomi – Wellington

Nigerian Sweetheart, Adesuwa, rose to the fashion peaks as fast as she grew her acting career. And when it comes to white, she delivers. At the wedding party premiere, she rocks this edgy jumpsuit and steals the show.


Even in a gown, Susu in white is better than Susu in anything else.

3. Beverly Naya

Source: fabwoman.ng

 Another star actress, Beverly Naya has blown our minds with white over and again. Her edginess takes us off our seats and we can only appreciate the work of art that she is.

4. Rita Dominic

Source: Loveweddingsng

 Of course, this list isn’t complete without Rita Dominic herself. The veteran actress has showed up in white so many times, and has looked better every time!

5. Mercy Aigbe

 Source: Nollyzone

Last, but definitely not the least here, is Mercy Aigbe. White simply looks stunning on her, and we are always jealous every time she steps on the red carpet. Being a fashion icon all by herself, we aren’t surprised why.


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