20th November 2017

Lovely Lashes


False lashes have made a major comeback, but alongside trends, comes a need for technique. Get the best lash effects with these simple tips. First things first, natural lashes are perfectly fine. A light coat of mascara is more than enough for a day at ...

2nd November 2017
hair stranded Best

Fashion – Hair Stranded?


Have you tried the latest hair styles, but they did not seem to work for you? Well, do not feel bad: you are not alone! Here is how to determine what may work next time! Trends are fun, but without knowing your true style, they ...

12th July 2017

Amazing things can happen with a few of the right items. Don’t let money or a busy schedule stifle your style. Get creative by maximizing styling options (Hello, closet space) and watch wardrobe worries wither away! 1. Five alive- Start with 5 classic colours that ...