Amazing things can happen with a few of the right items. Don’t let money or a busy schedule stifle your style. Get creative by maximizing styling options (Hello, closet space) and watch wardrobe worries wither away!

1. Five alive- Start with 5 classic colours that will work for any time of day and event. Classic pieces in quality fabrics can provide tons of styling options with minimal stress. Buying 5 basic wardrobe items in five assorted colours creates 3,125 outfits to choose from! (Climate control: Replace coats with a lightweight blazer or scarf of the same hue.)

fifth power 1

2. Seven-figure styling- Look like a million without spending as much. Repeating the first step with 5 vibrant colors will add a healthy dose of excitement to your wardrobe. Combine to create 9,765,625 sets!

fifth power 2

3. Off the charts- Discovering your personal style may make patterns less intimidating. Add five classic patterns to your colorful wardrobe to take your closet to a brand-new level without breaking the bank. You may not choose to wear every combination, but you will unveil irresistible sets within the 30,517,578,125 options!

fifth power 3

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Edited by StyleitKell, Beauty and Fashion Contributor. Check out @styleitkell on instagram.

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