Bold Beauty: Owning the Short Hair Look 1

This look is not for the faint of heart! Teen model sensation Lauren “Lulu” Williams is proof that short hair can certainly slay! With a few effortless tips, you can also “own it”: here’s how!

1. Eye-catching earrings- Edgy with feminine grace is such a gorgeous mix. If you decide to wear them, bold, eye-catching earrings are the perfect accessories to showcase a beautifully-shaped head, balancing the face without distraction. An equally bold bracelet can seal the deal without covering the neck, another hidden beauty often shielded by hair.

2. Eyebrows galore- This point is simple yet so crucial. Eyebrows come into focus like never before with low-cut hair. Finding the perfect brow shape and size helps keep the total look on-point.

Bold Beauty: Owning the Short Hair Look 2

3. Lush lashes- This is where long, dramatic lashes truly shine! There are few things as uniquely beautiful as short hair and long lashes. As I shared in “Lovely Lashes”, knowing which lashes look best for your eye shape and face is vital. Once you find the perfect eyebrow and lash shape for your face, matching the color of both makes your look seamless. If you have a lighter hair color, it is still visible in your lashes; purchase brown lashes and eyebrow fillers, instead of traditional black. It is a signature style only a few tend to perfect, so work it!

4. Showcase the face- Closely-cropped hair makes those amazing cheekbones more noticeable (hello, Halle Berry!). If you wear an adorable pixie cut, molding hair to frame the cheekbones is a “subtle slay”! Rocking it shorter? A touch of oil massaged into the scalp will keep it chic and stunning. From bright shadow and highlighter to tinted lipsticks, deep and vibrant makeup colors really come to life when paired with cropped locks.

5. Short and chic- Short hair with a super-elegant outfit and jewelry would even make #TeamLongHairDontCare reconsider their lengths! This is a terrific opportunity to showcase your personal style beyond everyday trends. One-of-a-kind rockstar jackets and graphic tees are edgy yet cute. Flip the script in a silky blouse with brilliant gems like classic diamonds or unexpected blue agate. Jewelry is on prominent display with short styles, so sporting unique pieces will amaze onlookers everywhere. Be ready to shine like never before. It is all about how you rock it!

Bold Beauty: Owning the Short Hair Look 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor


Makeup artistry: Beauty By Shaniece: IG: @beautybyshaniece |

Photography: Go Bonanza ! IG: @gobonanzabooth – Braden Dior |

Model muse: Lauren Williams IG: Instagram: @lauren.williams02 | #lovetolulu

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