Lovely Lashes


False lashes have made a major comeback, but alongside trends, comes a need for technique. Get the best lash effects with these simple tips.

First things first, natural lashes are perfectly fine. A light coat of mascara is more than enough for a day at the office. If you have naturally full lashes, clear mascara can work wonders! Most eyelash extensions are available in black, but for those who have no black in their coloring, it can alter the desired effect. Brown mascara and lashes may be more appealing. Yes, it is subtle but makes a drastic difference.
Most lashes we see worn daily are mainly for evening wear. Yes, lashes have a schedule just like the best of wardrobes. Long and voluminous lashes look best with an equally dramatic ensemble. Knowing what to wear and when will keep you ahead of the game. Creativity really shines when you know the essentials.

Another popular trend is to stack lashes for a dramatic effect. However, this is also not ideal for daytime wear. This is best for evening events (Hello, ELOY) and galas. Drama at the office is distracting. #ThinkAboutIt
Lashes and mascara energize or enhance looks, but did you know your best lashes depend on your face shape? Yes, ma’am! Makeup artists in the know use this secret for their best looks and their clients thank them for it!

Round eyes may need lashes with a thin fan upward to add mystique. Close-set eyes look best in lashes with more volume on the outer edges, adding visual distance. However, wide-set eyes appear closer with lashes that have more volume & length in the middle. Long lashes along the middle of the eye make deep-set eyes appear to “draw forward”. Long lashes in the center appear to “open” hooded eyes. Wearing the wrong set of lashes for your face shape can decrease attractiveness. Know what works for you: knowledge is power!

Content by: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor.

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