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What makes shoes look cheap

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy.


What makes shoes look cheap? Given how quickly even expensive shoes can wear out, it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money on them. However, your shoes can still look classy even if you’re spending on a budget. The key is first knowing what makes shoes look cheap, and realizing that what looks good on an expensive shoe doesn’t necessarily have to look good on a cheaper one.

The Platform Could Be Too High.

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy. 1

Unfortunately, the higher the platform, the cheaper-looking the shoe, especially in the case of a hidden platform, which often ends up looking more like a hoof with a high heel on the back than an actual shoe. Shoes without any platform tend to look the choicest and most sophisticated. They also tend to be super uncomfortable. If you want the look of a no-platform shoe without the discomfort, look for shoes where the platform is smaller than the actual sole of the shoe. That way it won’t be so obvious when viewed from above.

Maybe They Just Don’t Fit.

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy. 2

Probably the biggest of what makes shoes look cheap, a bad fit not only looks awkward, it affects the way you walk and carry yourself. No matter how gorgeous a shoe is, if the fit is not perfect, don’t buy them. Sure, you could stretch them out a little or add padding to make them more secure, but do you really want to go through all that? And what if it’s not enough? Now you’ve not only wasted your money, but also your time.

Or They’ve Got Too Much Going On.

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy. 3

Embellishment is always tricky and can make your shoes look cheap or classy, as the case may be. Even expensive embellishment can look cheap if it is not done in just the right way. Resist the urge to blow all your money on some sort of wild statement shoe. When you see a really crazy shoe that you like, figure out what the one thing is that you like about it most and then go online and find a shoe that showcases that attribute best. Choose a clean, classic shape in the color you like, instead of one with a bunch of extras all over it.

Maybe You Can’t Walk In Them Properly.

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy. 4

Wobbling around on a pair of too-high heels is never a good look, no matter how much your shoes cost. Even if you have gotten used to walking with wobbly ankles, it still looks bad and makes shoes look cheap. It can also cause your shoes to wear out faster. Try switching to a lower and sturdier heel for a few months. Focus on your posture—standing up straight has a huge effect on how your walk—and when you are able to walk without all the wobbles, start gradually reintroducing thinner and higher heels.

Maybe They’re Worn Out.

What Makes Shoes Look Cheap & How To Make Them Classy. 5

There is nothing sophisticated about walking around with the metal shank sticking out of your heel because you have worn off the little black plastic heel nub. And if you notice a scuff or cut on your shoe, it’s safe to assume other people will notice too. If you notice that your heels or the soles of your shoes are wearing out, take them to a cobbler. The sooner you get them in there, the faster and cheaper the fix will be.

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