For some of us loving and wearing bright colours come easy. We understand what works for us and how much or how little to pile on without looking like a clown (lol!).

And sometimes we get comments like this on our outfit… “This is so cool! I love all the colours but I could never!”

You ask why and 9 out of 10 times the response is something along the lines of “I just don’t know how to make it work ” “I don’t know how to combine bright colours” “I’m not sure it looks good on me” “I’m not confident enough to body bright colours”

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Well, help has arrived! I’ll show you 3 ways you can introduce more and more colour to your wardrobe.

  1. A Muted version (of the colour)

This way you ease into it at your own pace. Try wearing it in the palest shade there is. And work your way up.

3 Ways To Wear Bright Colours 1

  1. As an accessory

Goes without saying. Accessories are most beautiful and they stand out more. Invest in some purses, jewelry or footwear in the brightest colours you can manage, trust me …. It does something for your confidence and mood.

3 Ways To Wear Bright Colours 2

  1. In print form

Hiding the colour, among other colours help a lot with easing your anxiety or uncertainty about wearing bright colours.

Not sure bright orange works for you? Wear it in a mix with deep purples and whites and wines and greys or any other colours you’re much more comfortable with.

Do this consistently and in no time you’ll be bodying the brightest colours confidently!

3 Ways To Wear Bright Colours

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