The main objectives of marketing for a fashion brand are to bring more awareness and thereafter sales to the brand. Trade fairs as one of the marketing trends ensure these objectives are achieved.

Trade fairs play important roles in fashion marketing as well as networking for business sectors that use them. At a trade fair, people meet other professionals, brands and companies at their level, their niche, as well as potential business partners.

What is a trade fair?

A trade fair otherwise called a trade show, trade exhibition, or trade exposition is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Although planning a trade fair involves a lot of commitment, investment in time, manpower and money, it can also serve as a means of driving massive awareness to your brand if done the right way. Some of the costs and planning processes before the event include:

  • Meeting with attendees before the event, to confirm the available resources.
  • Physical costs including space rental, PR and communication, souvenirs and gift items for attendees, construction of trade show displays.
  • Other physical costs include electrical, internet services and logistics.

However, before you think of planning a trade fair, you must consider the following:

  • Find out who will be attending
  • Bring your best team
  • Prepare your staff
  • Be ready to give product demos
  • Be physically prepared
  • Include seats or lounge space at your booth
  • Give away stuff for free

After considering these important factors, let us look at the roles of trade fairs in fashion marketing.

  1. Create Lasting Impressions

This is one of the main objectives of trade fairs as it involves showcasing the best of your products to your audience. You can only give off a positive impression when your trade fair venue is creatively designed. When a show is creatively designed to showcase attractive products lined up on eye-catching booths with promotional items, it then becomes easy to leave a positive impression on the potential audience.

  1. Leads Generation

What else do you want after getting the necessary awareness of your brand from the trade fair? You need more leads and that is one of the imperative benefits of trade shows. It is as simple as walking up to your potential client and getting their business cards. All you need to do after the show is to gather all the cards and then get in touch with them.

  1. Getting an Idea of your Competitor’s Activities

As a fashion entrepreneur, either an independent designer or you own an apparel manufacturing company, knowing your competitors helps the future of your business. Participating in trade shows will not only bring your brand and products to the spotlight but also provides an opportunity to look at your competitor’s future product line.


  1. Before you join or plan a trade show, it is expected that you have the correct plan and template of your brand. This plan helps you select the right audience and location for your show.
  2. Invest in your display booths. Make it attractive for buyers to walk in and see what you are offering them.
  3. Be ready to ask your potential buyers some questions. These questions can include:
  • What type of trade show booth do you like?
  • What type of store do you have?
  • What is your preferred shipping method?
  • Do you custom design your products?

Also, do not forget your post-show follow up. This is essential in converting those contacts to customers.


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