The goal of accessories in fashion, is to contribute to your overall ensemble and complement it. Accessories are also used to complete certain looks or even tell stories in their own ways. Same also specifically applies to jewelries – Fashion accessories. Usually, there’s a pattern when it comes to our choice of jewelry. Some people prefer simple necklaces and tiny earrings, some go for the bolder stuff, and some rock artsy creative pieces. The jewelry you choose to wear says a lot about your personality and here are some ways to tell.

  • Pearls

Different Jewelries and What They Say About You 1

Wearing pearl earrings or pearl necklaces gives you an air of class.  It also signifies a sense of family, as expensive pearls are usually passed down from generations. You would not ordinarily find a lousy person wearing pearls, so wearing them also shows you’re calm, and prim and proper.


  • Ankle chains, waist beads, and hoop earrings

Different Jewelries and What They Say About You 2


Have you ever found a boring person rock an ankle chain? Probably not! Ankle chains, waist beads, hoop earrings, and other related jewelry show that an individual is fun loving and spontaneous. However, since these items are not generally expensive, they could send the wrong message if you’re trying to appeal to a more sophisticated audience.


  • Bold Colours/ Statement pieces

Different Jewelries and What They Say About You 3

Bold colours or pieces show adventure. Rocking a bold yellow chain shows that you are confident and capable of taking risks. However, if you are one to coordinate colours and match them, it could show that you pay attention to details. It also reveals that they are neat and well-organized.


  • Rings


Rings, depending on how they’re worn, also say a lot about the wearer. If you are one to always have your wedding band on, you are generally regarded as responsible. However, if you’re one to wear multiple knuckle rings, you come off as edgy and slightly gothic. You might just be seen as a risk taker.


  • Diamonds, Gold, and other bests

Different Jewelries and What They Say About You 4

Gold, Diamond, and other gems are appealing to the eye, but they do not come cheap at all.  Hence, people who wear them are classy and sophisticated. Wearing them means you take care in making decisions and you pay attention to detail. These items are usually worn by people who don’t settle for less and pride themselves in what they do. It also shows that they put quality over quantity. There are variations, however. For example, long, bold, gold chains can make you seem ostentatious.



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