Yomi Casual Dandy Man collection is set to make a big splash in the new year. Fashion brand Yomi Casual presents its latest fashion offering “Dandy Man.”  The designs are bold and very classy, created for that man that is unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable.

The fashion brand recognized for creating designs known to turn heads since its inception birthed these modest yet up-to-the-minute pieces that are vibrant, comfortable and very masculine. They are also wearable enough to work into your wardrobe when you want something different in the mix.

Top Editors’ Pick


Beach/Summer wear collection by Yomi Casual

The Kabuki Collection by Vanskere

The Yomi Casual Dandy Man collection is both sophisticated and very mature, using fabrics like cotton, polished wool and silk. It’s available for men, in Yomi Casuals stores and online.


Designs: @yomicasual

Photography: @ayoalasi for @alasistudios

Footwears: @313eko, @monimorganshoes

Publicist: @moafricapr

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