Kabuki Collection

Signore Fusion and the diffussion brand Of Vanskere Unveils The “Kabuki Collection”, created by the designers Evans Akere And Emmanuel Isei.

According to the designers, “Kabuki” is a Japanese word which means ‘out of the ordinary’ which can be identified as avant-garde. During our research of the Japanese history, we discovered that the modern day Tokyo was called Edo, between the period of 1603-1868.

This period was characterised by economic growth, strict social order, stable population and popular enjoyment of  arts and culture. This period can be seen as the best period in history of Japanese arts and culture. Ironically, Edo is also a state in Nigeria, West Africa thus we got the inspiration to fuse both Japanese and African culture, to create the Kabuki Collection.


Designers: Evans Akere for Vanskere @vanskere & Emmanuel Isei for Kolors
by Isei @kolors_official

Models: Soma Apex @soma_apex & Adams Iyere @adamziyere

Styling and Art Director: Dami Oke @dami_oke

Photography: Bolaji Odukoya @bolajiodukoya_

PR: @morsipr

Here are designs from the Kabuki Collection below:

Kabuki Collection  

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