Health is wealth, and everyone can attest to that fact. In order to stay healthy at all times and experience life to it’s fullest, certain measures have to be kept in place. However, it could be tough. In a country like Nigeria where we love our meals, eating healthy might not be very easy to pull off. A good amount of our everyday meals are laced with calories that are constituent to the depleting health of dwellers. If eating healthy doesn’t work for you, drinking healthy is your best bet. It’s time to ditch all the unhealthy carbonated drinks, for home-made healthy, and tasty ones. Here are some of the drinks that are made in Nigeria, and would offer health benefits while remaining tasty.

  • Kunu

Nigerian-made drinks that have numerous health benefits 1








If you have stayed in Nigeria in rural and semi-urban environments, then chances are that you have seen this being sold. This milky-white drink is made from grains like millet, maize, or sorghum. Kunu is not only sweet for a weekend chill, it also contains a myriad of vitamins and minerals, offering health benefits like weight loss, better heart health, etc.


  • Zobo

Nigerian-made drinks that have numerous health benefits 2

The wonderful taste of zobo isn’t the only thing good about this drink. Made from Roselle leaves also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa, as well as other healthy pairings like ginger and garlic; its benefits are enormous. This drink reduces cholesterol and also helps with blood pressure regularity. Again, the taste takes us home every time.


  • Fruit and Vegetable drinks

Nigerian-made drinks that have numerous health benefits 3

Of course, there is no mentioning healthy drinks without talking about those made from fruits and vegetables. Pineapple juices, mango juices, ginger drinks, carrot drinks, and so much more are readily available in Nigeria. Their benefits are immense and you can make them you’re your own unique tast

  • Palm Wine

Nigerian-made drinks that have numerous health benefits 4


Finally, we have Palm Wine. Palm Wine is great for eyesight, and fights off ailment as extreme as cancer. It is made from the sap of different species of palm tree such as the Palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. You can also choose to make it stronger or not, depending on how long you ferment it. Tastes good, and is even better for you.


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