The #smearitchallenge to raise more awareness for cervical cancer prevention and free screening has started.

Join the #smearitchallenge by smearing your lipstick on your face, take a picture and post on your instagram page and challenge your friends to join us to raise more awareness for cervical cancer prevention and free screening. Thus challenge depicts the smear test that is one of the tests used to screen for cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is preventable when detected early, yet one woman dies of cervical cancer every hour in Nigeria.

Let’s raise more awareness for this preventable cancer. Every sexually active woman should get screened and Tell Every Awesome Lady about cervical cancer prevention.

Early detection is key.

The Journey to Raise Awareness For Cervical Cancer Prevention

The Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care Foundation thinks it is unacceptable for preventable cancer to be killing one woman every hour in Nigeria. The Foundation which started in 2010, is on a mission to raise more awareness for cervical cancer prevention and free screening. Screening helps detect abnormal cells early and these cells can be treated before they become cancerous.

“Cervical cancer shows pre cancer cells before it becomes cancer, therefore, we are encouraging all women who are sexually active to go and get screened to prevent this cancer of the cervix. We are also encouraging parents to vaccinate children from the age of 9 and above and adults who are still virgins to prevent cervical cancer. We want every one to join this challenge to raise more awareness.” Says Tewa Onasanya founder of the Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care Foundation.

mear IT  Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical cancer is preventable. Let’s all be our sisters’ keepers and raise more awareness for cervical cancer prevention.

Join us on the 12th of Sept from the comfort of your home for the EMAC Smearit Fitness day. We would have a fitness director from the TrainHer gym for women taking us on some exercise routine to keep and stay fit.


Register using the link below


Donations can also be made to support our drive to for free screening for the less priviledged. Please make a donation into EMAC Foundation



About the Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care Foundation (EMAC)


The EMAC Foundation was founded in 2010 and has been encouraging women to get screened since inception. The trade marked #Smearit Campaign was created in 2016 as a fun way to remind people of the importance of getting screened for cervical cancer. The Smearathon, another trademark of the EMAC foundation is a full day of free screening marathon which is held at different locations. Since 2010, the EMAC foundation has been able to screen over 8000 women free of charge for cervical cancer and treated 150 women with pre cancerous cells.

3 Pillars of Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care Foundation :

  1. Raise awareness on cervical cancer prevention and early detection
  2. Provide free cervical cancer screening for the less privileged
  3. Offer free treatment for women who present cervix with pre cancer cells

More information can be found on

Get screened and #smearit today.



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