Each new year, we write our goals and map out strategies and we seemingly think we have everything figured out in our head but as the year runs out, we realize we haven’t achieved much as expected, probably because of our approach.

So Here are five new 2023 resolutions you can begin today that will help you throughout the year:

1. Set small, realistic goals to build momentum and integrity

Studies have shown that we’re most optimistic at the beginning of a week, month, and year. Don’t let this optimism lead you to set overly ambitious goals. When our goals are unrealistic, they create risks. They might stir up excitement now, but later on, they will create the temptation to reach the goal by any means necessary, good or bad.

2. Seek out and share positive stories at work, or home

2022 was a year in which bad behaviour dominated the news cycle. While it’s important to stay informed about the negative actions of leaders, research shows that a diet of exclusively negative news harms us. Create a more balanced news diet by seeking out positive stories or news, and make sure you tell these stories within your organization as well.

3. Make 2023 the year of mentoring: Find a mentor and be one

Anyone who has followed through on a resolution knows that a mentor, someone who understands your goals and can keep you accountable, dramatically increases your chances of success. It’s important to invite someone to always tell you the truth and keep you humble, particularly if you have a great deal of power. At the same time, ask, “Who can I encourage and empower this year?”

4. Find at least one thing to improve about your moral character

When we fail to become better people, it’s often because we believe that we’re morally superior to others. Going on a quest to identify one of your faults can help you build some much-needed humility and help you locate areas for improvement.

5. Pace yourself

As the year’s goals and pressures come crowding in, it is important to remember that quick decisions come with built-in ethics risks. To make the right choice, we first need to take control of our time.

I know the year just started and you may be feeling guilty about last year, you not being able to achieve a lot but most resolutions fail because, true to their name, they depend on the willpower of an individual. So don’t merely resolve to live out your values. Back up your decision with realistic goals, consistent actions, positive examples, accountability, and regular reminders.

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