Before the advent of social media and stress-less technology, letters did a great deal. Some people still cherish such memories… “Roses are red, violets are blue and so are you”. Do we still get to read that? Well Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away; what plans have you got in mind to show and share with your loved ones? Here are some ideal gifts that can leave a lasting impression for such a long time.




Do not feel bad if you do not have a date or spouse to spend the night or day with, you can certainly spoil yourself silly by getting some nice and fancy gifts for yourself, chocolates, go watch a movie or invite a few single friends to mingle and have some activity packed events all for the fun of it and trust me those memories will linger on too. The love date falling on a work day is no excuse not to have fun, is it? HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU.



I LOVE YOU!!!…………

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