On Valentine’s day, your make-up should be the last thing you need to worry about while you are scurrying to make last minute plans.
Chocolates , wine , flowers and candles are all set on the table. Now, it is up to you to bring the final touch to that romantic atmosphere you have created.

So, whether you want to look sweet and flirty or Classy and romantic, BellaBeauty has the make-up tips you need to feel and look beautiful this very special day. We’ve got you covered!
You must admit that the season of love is a fun reason to get dolled up and hang out with your man.

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That’s why we are bringing you our Valentine’s Flower Girl look, sweet and flirtatious, that you can easily duplicate in the same amount of time it takes to eat a heart shaped cup cake or mocha chocolate. When ready, you are set to get your man’s heart fluttering.

Bellabeauty Valentine’s Flower girl is sporting a vintage inspired look with the winged eyes and red luscious lips.
Product we used (the same you will need) to achieve this look are listed below. The cooking recipe that will break your boo’s heart (all product from the Bella Beauty line of cosmetics):
1. Oil free Liquid Foundation (FW 26)
2. Concealer and eye shadow base (Neutral)
3. Setting powder (translucent)
4. Pressed Powder palette
5. Bronzer / Illuminator
6. Brow pencil with spoolie
7. Brush on brow 14
8. Highlighter and contour (401)
9. Shadow palette
10. Nude Eye shadow palette
11. Retractable pencil liner black
12. Bella mink lashes
13. Khol eye liner
14. Liquid matte lipstick

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