Fashion marketing is one of the essential aspects of a fashion business when it comes to connecting to a new audience and making more sales. As a visual industry, fashion marketing requires more creativity and planning, because it aims to connect personally to the audience.

One of the many forms of marketing a fashion brand is planning a fashion photoshoot either for a short advert or a campaign. When you put out pictures of models wearing your collections, you allow your target audience to personally connect with your brand.

Here are five tips to guide you when you are planning the next fashion photoshoot for your brand:

  1. Find suitable models for your photoshoot

The success of a fashion photoshoot depends heavily on the choice of models and how they suit the photoshoot theme. The idea of beautiful faces and perfect bodies are not compulsory anymore. The main purpose is for your model to make your products amazing. You can use the following ways to choose the right models for your next photo shoot:

  • Consider a model that suits your buyers’ persona
  • Build a mood board
  • Trust your instincts
  • Ask about compensation
  • Discuss your project in detail
  1. Choose a photographer

After the model, the next most important creative in your photoshoot is the photographer. When considering a photographer for your next photoshoot, focus more on the portfolio and less on popularity. A photographer can make or break your photoshoot and this is why an appealing portfolio is important. Here are some factors to look out for when choosing a photographer for your next photo shoot:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work to a deadline
  • Budget
  1. Take control of the session

One of the mistakes owners of fashion brands make during photoshoot sessions is allowing creatives to take control of the session. You own the brand and you are also paying for the session. Also, you are the only one who knows exactly what you want the photos to look like. As the boss, you are the creative director and you are to make adjustments when necessary.

  1. Create a plan for your photoshoot

Before you organize a photoshoot, a well-detailed plan should be in place. This plan will contain the theme, process and aim of the photoshoot. To ensure the success of the photoshoot, you should have a good understanding of the whole session. During the planning process, ensure you make arrangements for the following:

  • Number of items in each shot
  • The number of shots
  • Type of background
  • The props
  • Type of pictures; for blogs, social media posts or even your online store catalogue.
  1. Get Inspired

Finding inspiration for a fashion photoshoot is often a difficult process, especially if your brand is a new one. As a new brand, the thoughts of being new to the industry and also getting it right this first time will always be there. Some of the best places to get inspiration include:

  • Competitor brands
  • Fashion magazines
  • Social accounts of popular photographers
  • Design blogs

Asides from their best shots, take time to study their photoshoot failures and their previous mistakes. Study how they got up from these mistakes and how you can work on them during your photoshoot.

  1. Cut Costs

One of the epic failures of some fashion brands is spending huge money on a photo shoot. If you are a new fashion entrepreneur, you surely don’t have all the money to waste on a photoshoot session. Therefore there is the need to cut costs and here are four ways to do that:

  • Opt for an indoor photoshoot
  • Ask your friends to be your models
  • Consider thrift-shopping for props
  • Don’t rent a studio

Photoshoots are an important part of a successful fashion brand and the aim is always to connect personally with the target audience. However, this process requires careful planning as a mix up can mar the entire process.

“The next time you are planning your photoshoot, always remember the results of a successful photo shoot can move your fashion brand to the next level”. Start planning today!

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