1) Can you tell us more about you please?

My name is Sharon Browne-Peter and I live in Abuja. I’m categorically known as a workaholic but my job involves a lot of things I love so I don’t see it that way!

2) Please tell EM readers briefly about what you do?

By trade, I am a communications specialist but in my spare time, I am also the founder of COAG Initiative, aka Cells of a Generation. We help support and bring together people with Sickle-Cell so we can all work together to end the cycle.

3) What motivates your desire to give back?

COAG is a personal project to me Because I have sickle-cell myself and at some point, I had to sit back and think about how much privilege has helped me stay healthy. From then on, I told my friends and the conversation  just grew organically. Everyone really had something to say and with my media background, it felt like the right choice to create a platform specifically for this cause.

BEAUTY Q & A Of Sharon Browne-Peter

1) MY BEAUTY REGIMEN…. Cleanse, tone, moisturise… repeat! At the moment, my beauty regimen is all about moisture because Abuja weather is pretty harsh on the skin right now. Thick moisturiser packed with vitamin E and humectants (any will do if you have dry skin) then I top it off with an oil. The oil is my irreplaceable step because I could be having a bad skin day but 2 drops of oil brings me back to life. I’m currently using a great face oil by Herbivore

2) WHAT I DO FOR INNER HEALTH…. Loads of water and minding my business!

3) PERSONAL BEAUTY TIPS…. I really try to reduce my use of makeup as much as I can and make sure my skin is looking great without it. Makeup is great but my skin feels way better when I haven’t used any cosmetics for a few days so I try to work around that. If my skin looks really good, the most I’ll put on is brow gel, mascara and lipstick.

Beauty Q & A Of Sharon Browne-Peter Founder COAG Initiative 14) BEAUTY PRODUCT (S) I CANT DO WITHOUT…. Definitely the face oil I talked about earlier, it’s magic!

5) WHATS IN MY MAKEUP BAG…. Pretty much all the basics for face make-up!

6) FAV BEAUTY PRODUCT AND WHY…. Lipstick because I always feel like I’m doing something right when I wear lipstick hahaha! Beauty Q & A Of Sharon Browne-Peter Founder COAG Initiative 27) FAV SKIN CARE PRODUCT AND WHY…. Chemical exfoliating is literally the best invention there is for dry skin. Not only will it get rid of the flakes but it’ll also help you age with great skin! My favourite is lactic acid for the Ordinary (super cheap if you order from Asos, I got it for £6).

8) BEST BEAUTY BUY…. My Pixi glow tonic is the best toner I’ve used. It’s lasted a really long time and has glycolic acid in it for exfoliation. I usually just make sure I’m not mixing it with my lactic acid serum unless my skin is really bad and needs extra help #DrySkinProblems!

9) FULL ON MAKEUP OR NATURAL MAKEUP…. Natural Make-up!Beauty Q & A Of Sharon Browne-Peter Founder COAG Initiative 310) YOUR QUICK MAKEUP REMOVAL TIP…. Coconut oil does the job quickly and  efficiently.

11) FAV SPA TREATMENT AND WHY…. I never really bother going to spas because I have a lot of spa products at home! If you’re looking for a great at home mask for dry skin, Origins intensive overnight hydration mask with avocado has been my staple for years!

12) FAVOURITE SCENT AND WHY…. I honestly love every perfume I have but celebrity perfumes so nice and don’t get enough credit. I find myself going for Britney Spears Fantasy over my Chloe and Dior perfumes.

13) HAIR CARE TIPS AND WHY…. Shave off all your hair and have less things to worry about! It worked for me 😉Beauty Q & A Of Sharon Browne-Peter Founder COAG Initiative 414) WIGS OR WEAVE…. Wigs

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