It’s funny how fashion evolves. Somethings go into extinct and then resurface out of the blue.

I remember these braid wigs my younger sister and I used to wear, every Christmas, when we were little. I always felt like an old lady in them. And then it wasn’t rampant. At some point, I stopped seeing wigs around. But only for me to wakeup in this 21st century and then everyone is doing wigs….*amazed*

Wigs have become the in-thing. Every woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a wig or two. Ranging from the braids, to Ghana weaving(yes….Ghana weaving. Lol.), to human hair, to name a few…

Wigs actual save you the stress of going to spend hours at the saloon. Easy to wear and take off, especially for the extremely busy 9-5 chick.

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Photo source: Getty images

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