Business is an important aspect in all industries and it is important that people have the layman’s idea at its least. It is believed that if a woman can manage her business she can manage her home and vice versa. So here are a few detailed tips to work with gathered from vast industrialists’ experiences:

1. IDENTIFY AND KNOW YOUR NICHE: It is important to know what interests you and passionate about, that way it will be easier to go with the flow as well as tide. It will help you grow.

2. IDENTIFY WITH PEOPLE IN/AROUND THE SAME INDUSTRY: This is an important aspect while taking your business seriously. For example, Mrs A is an event planner, it is important she associates herself with people offering similar services that keying herself into something entirely different from what will be of help .i.e. selling of building materials.

3. NETWORK: in as much as it is important to identify with people within your ‘body’ of services, it is also essential to network and mingle because the next contact may just be what you need to get closer to your goal and dream.

4. SET YOUR GOALS AND EVALUATE THEM: every business has a potential long term vision which is to grow. Growth is essential and it involves stages. As a woman you need to prioritize and know what you want. Having a daily, weekly or monthly plan will help you task yourself to achieving them. Once this has become a part of your, evaluating your progress will be easier, this will help you balance what you have successfully done and what you are yet to do.

5. STAY FOCUSED: it’s simple! You have a ball right in front and want to score a goal. Your focus has to be NOT to miss the target into post. Keep your head up high because only you know the vision of what you want and how you plan to achieve it.

6. COUNT OF YOUR SUCCESS(ES) AND NOT YOUR FAILURE: I always say that falling does not mean failure, it is just a yardstick to help you improve and grow because we learn every day. Your failure is your past that shouldn’t determine your future in the present hence the need to cultivate the habit of using your success stories to aim higher.

by Damilola Shote

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