We all know Lekki Phase 1 is now a country on its own, lol. its the only estate I know so far that has eveeything in it, hence me calling it a country. It has schools, restaurants, bars, an embassy and so on. Dont worry, this post is not about Lekki phase 1 but the perfect spot I found in Lekki phase 1 amongst many.

It is called Petit Paris (Little Paris), it is a restaurant, cafe, patisserie and a bar. it is a Parisian cafe, they bring you the best of Paris to Lagos. Before we talk about the food, I just wanna point out that the decor is absolutely stunning. Everything is beautiful, from the entrance, to the restaurant, to the bar outside. The spot was so cute and cool, you will forget you are in Lekki phase 1. The interior decorator maximized the space, gave it character and it silently whispers; I am classy, sexy, cool.
My lunch date and I were giving a 3 course meal. We had the Seafood Pasta, Combo Platter, Grilled Tilapia Fish, Petit Paris Fried Rice and Creme Brule as dessert.

The Seafood pasta was the best meal, it had calamari, king prawns, small prawns (you know I love prawns) all mixed with pink sauce. This meal did it for me, it is not a boring meal at all, the pasta was cooked right and the sauce, oh Lord, dont get me started. It was delicious, it felt like happiness. You know that feeling when you get when you kiss somebody you like for the first time. Wow, yes, I was happy eating that meal, I kept on savouring the moment.
The Combo platter came with what I havent seen done before, it had; grilled prawns, meatballs, chips, fish balls and spring rolls with chilli sauce. The fish ball was new to me to be honest but I enjoyed the whole platter. Everything had a delicious lasting taste in my mouth. I can still remember what it taste like and the combo was awesome.

Me I love fried rice, so there is nothing bad I can say about any fried rice (forgive me), lol. The fried rice was delicious too. I am not a big fan of Tilapia fish but from my lunch dates’ s opinion, it was delicious. Apart from the seafood pasta, the fish was her second favourite meal that day.
The dessert; Creme Brule was like powerpuff girls; sugar, spice and everything nice, lol. Hope you guys are familiar with the cartoon powerpuff girls. it was sweet and perfect. Word on the street is, they make the best Creme Brule in town.
Like I always say, dont take my word for it, go down and try them out yourselves. You can have your parties there, product launch, sunday chilling after church and so on. The possibilities of what you can do there are endless. Food is great, fabulous ambiance and beautiful people. They earn cool points for having an electronic menu and wifi for its customers.

Fact file:
1. Name of Restaurant: Petit Paris
2. Type of Restaurant: European (they serve; French, Italian and a lil bit of African dishes)
3. Location: 27 Fola Osibo Street, off Road 14, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
4. For Reservations: 08130265197 or 08178735826.

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