1. My style is quirky, upbeat, sheek and adventurous

2. I cannot live without Hair. I change my hair almost every week, it’s a very bad habit.

3. Fav fashion trick… . Statement jewellery always jazzes up a bland outfit

4. Fav designer …. Alexander Wang

5. One item every girl should own… Diamonds. Still waiting for mine lol.

6. Next item on my wish list… Tom Ford heels

7. Last purchase Vivienne Westwood purse

8. My fav boutique shop…. Vintage stores

9. My best shopping city…..London!

10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing… stilettoes

11. When I’m on the red carpet I like to…strike a fierce pose

12. Fashion rule I live by… Less is more but basic is boring.

13 I am currently carrying …erm braids

14. Weekday go to outfit… shorts, tee shirt and slippers

15. Signature accessories…. watch and a baseball hat

16. What are you buying this season to update your look…. pendant necklace

17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen… Fashion blogger Soraya De Carvalho

18. What do you buy in bulk… jewellery

19: Early style influencer… Aaliyah. I was a bit of a girly tomboy growing up.

20. How often do you repeat outfits… A number of times.

21. Are you an editor or builder. A builder I guess

22. Fav holiday destination and why. London, because that crazy city raised me and it gives me this nostalgic feeling every time I go back.

23: have you ever had a holiday romance? If yes, how long did it last for?
I feel super boring, but I have never had a holiday romance

24: what are you reading?

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