Welcome to Miraculously Magnificent Monday. Today is a miraculous monday to have a great day.

You are alive today and reading this for a reason. God is not done with you yet. Arise and shine and take today on like the Queen / King you are. The sun does not struggle to shine, we will not struggle to be our best selves.

Be bold, be consistent, be persistent, keep pushing, keep it moving, whether they like you or not, whether they said no or yes. You know your goal better than anyone else. Leave last week’s insecurities and disappointments where they belong, last week. Its a new week with unimaginable grace and favour, if you believe.

We all have the tools to unlock our future in our hands. Just depends on the fact that you are willing to do what it takes, not whats easier. Great things don’t happen in your comfort zone.

Mindset Shift with Tewa - Be Bold, Be Consistent, Be Persistent 1
Its the last day in July 2017, push yourself if you believe in your dreams. We are all capable of being great, we are all born to win. Change your limiting mindset and see the unbelievable begin to happen. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa #emotivatewithtewa #mindsetshiftwithtewa #faith #love #believe #Godsbaby #Godsgotthis #intentionalliving #determinedtorise #winningways #quotes #Tewaquotes #Tewarising #determination #win #mind #tewaonasanya #persistent #powerful #powerfulmind #positive #consistent #persistent #faitheverythingandrise

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