It’s your day, Queen Annie! Happy birthday to you!


“And virtue called out! 30+3 years ago, the voice of a tiny little you was heard, yes, you were born into a world that seeks your gender at your arrival! We are sure they asked! “Is the child a boy?” but we are glad you’re were a girl and now a queen standing up for the many girls we know, met and have seen with our own very eyes! .

Mrs. Annie Idibia, you are not an angel, you’re neither a saint! You are nothing close to a perfect human, and to some of the world you are not even the most beautiful! But you are a creation of God and that is enough for both yourself and the rest of us that believe in you! .

Happy Birthday Mrs. Annie Idibia. The entire beneficiaries, facilitators, and team of the AiCare Foundation loves you! Who said you have a heart of gold? They are wrong! You are the very mine from which treasures abound! You’re not just an African Queen sung in a song! You are a Queen we’ve enthroned by the works we ourselves saw and are aware of!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF US AT THE AiCare Foundation!…” AiCare Foundation

A beautiful woman..with a beautiful heart…

Photo/Link: @annieidibia1

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