Hailey Bieber pregnancy rumors are speculating now more than ever especially after she was seen out in a tank top visibly trying to cover her stomach.

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This has led fans to speculate and wonder if their  is a hailey bieber pregnancy underway.

Hailey, the 26-year-old model and wife of Justin Bieber, was seen out an about for an elegant afternoon. She has also recently shared her beauty routine on TikTok, documenting her step-by-step process, which included applying layers of makeup and lotion, carefully tending to her eyebrows, and adding blush, mascara, and foundation.

She appeared to purposefully place her hand over her belly as she walked to the restaurant and upon entering.

Hailey, has recently embraced a more modest style, often seen in loose, oversized attire. Observant fans have caught glimpses of her using props to shield her stomach, such as an iPad, during public appearances.

Hailey Bieber  pregnancy rumorsIn various photographs, she can be seen cradling her stomach with both hands, prompting fans to speculate about a potential baby bump.

Hailey Bieber Pregnancy Rumors Fuels As She Is Spotted In A White Tank Top Cradling Her Belly 1

The comments section on social media posts has been inundated with fans eagerly asking if a pregnancy announcement is imminent. In a playful exchange, one of Hailey’s friends even shouted, “I know you’re pregnant,” to which Hailey responded with a knowing smile, neither confirming nor denying the claim.

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