A continuing debate between Gen Z and millennials revolves around the favored hair part. Now, as the bombshell side part gains prominence, it might finally settle the argument.

Bombshell Side Part Is The Trending Summer Hair You Should Jump On 1

From Instagram to the red carpet, the ’90s classic is captivating everyone due to its volume, lift, and overall allure. The beauty of it? You can effortlessly achieve this style on your own.

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What’s the Bombshell Side Part?

Bombshell Side Part Is The Trending Summer Hair You Should Jump On 2

Dubbed the bombshell side part, it involves a full blowout with a deep side part at the front for an elevated appearance. Lacy Redway, a celebrity stylist, explains, “It’s an ultra-deep part positioned about an inch or two over the ear, with the remaining hair pushed to one side to create extra volume.” This style, made famous by ’90s supermodels, is a simple way to enhance volume and flair.

Regardless of whether you’re pro-middle part or not, a side part undeniably accentuates certain features remarkably well. According to Joseph Maine, “Side parts complement facial features and create a balanced look, avoiding the asymmetry of a middle part or the mid-face focus of bangs.” This bombshell side part provides an alluring appearance without appearing overly deliberate.

Styling the Bombshell Side Part:

Bombshell Side Part Is The Trending Summer Hair You Should Jump On 3

Creating this look yourself is a breeze. Maine suggests applying a volumizing product like Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer to damp hair for substantial body and to set your blowout. “This product offers a long-lasting hold with memory effect, maintaining your desired shape throughout the day,” he notes. Next, use a blow dryer to lift your roots with a round brush for optimal lift.

Once your hair is dry, section it off and create the deep side part. Roll each section using something like Trademark Beauty Velcro Rollers to add bounce to your ends. Form a row of rollers along your chosen side part, with a tip to secure the part with a creaseless clip at the front hairline.

After a brief wait, remove the rollers. Redway recommends misting flexible hold hairspray, such as TRESemme Ultra Fine Hairspray, along the lengths for added volume. “Volume is key for this look,” she emphasizes.

Ultimately, personal preferences play a significant role. Whichever way you rock the bombshell side part, you can’t go wrong. As Redway points out, “It still allows you to style your hair’s texture according to your preferences.”

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