Clinique, a prominent company specializing in dermatological skincare and makeup, has recently introduced Marsai Martin as their latest Brand Ambassador and Partner Producer. Marsai, recognized for her roles as a producer, actress, and philanthropist, has joined forces with Clinique to enhance the company’s storytelling and visual content, alongside other significant roles.

With a remarkable list of achievements, including multiple NAACP and BET awards, Martin is an exceptional addition to the Clinique team, embodying the essence of Black excellence. She is the driving force behind Genius Entertainment and has taken on leading roles in notable projects spanning film, television, digital media, and live events. Clinique has specifically crafted the position of Partner Producer for Martin, acknowledging her position as the youngest executive producer in Hollywood.

Michelle Freyre, President of Global Brands at Clinique and Origins, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “We are excited to welcome Marsai as both a Clinique Brand Ambassador and our inaugural partner producer. Her self-assuredness and creative acumen perfectly align with Clinique’s core values. We are inspired by her courageous conversations, accomplishments, and the meaningful impact she has made in the realms of acting, production, and philanthropy. We eagerly anticipate merging her vision of modern beauty and culture into Clinique’s narratives.”

Having been featured in Vogue Beauty Secrets and Kreyòl Essence, Martin is no stranger to the world of beauty. Alongside her various endeavors, she is the founder of Mari by Marsai, a beauty and personal care company specializing in nail products. Her diverse range of offerings includes press-on nails, manicure-pedicure sets, and other tools tailored to individual preferences. Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Martin shares captivating makeup looks on Instagram that are nothing short of mood-board inspiration.

Reflecting on her new role, Martin shared her excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to become a Brand Ambassador and Partner Producer for Clinique. My passion for skincare is no secret, and it is an incredible honor to collaborate with an iconic beauty brand that prioritizes the creation of safe formulas for all skin types. I am eager to weave enchanting narratives that align with Clinique’s mission, infusing a fresh perspective.”

Marsai Martins

At 18 years old, Martin’s partnership with the Estée Lauder-owned company aims to extend Clinique’s appeal to a younger audience. Through her dual role as Brand Ambassador and Partner Producer, Martin will lead campaigns targeting teenagers, with the objective of involving diverse skin types in conversations about skincare and makeup. With Martin’s youthful and influential presence, Clinique aims to resonate more deeply with audiences, particularly among Black women.

Liz Nolan, Clinique’s SVP Global Creative Director, explained the decision to expand Martin’s role, stating, “We have chosen to amplify Marsai’s role beyond that of a Brand Ambassador to infuse her authentic and innovative perspective throughout the creative process. Clinique is excited to collaborate with her in fortifying the brand’s connection with Generation Z in the realms of skincare and makeup. Her positive demeanor and robust engagement make her an impeccable match for our brand.”

The inaugural social media campaigns produced by Martin showcased her favorite Clinique skincare and makeup products, debuting in July across all Clinique and Marsai Martin social media channels.

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