Hailey Bieber has perfect skin but that’s not the only perfect thing about her. Her foundation blend is also pretty much always perfect.

Discovering the secret to Hailey biebers dewy foundation look is no small task but, the model volunteered the information all on her own. What a rare gem!

Bieber recently revealed her method for achieving red carpet-ready skin on TikTok, and we were immediately won over.

As the creator of Rhode Skin, Bieber has devised a clever technique that I, as a beauty editor, can personally vouch for.

She blends two pumps of her base with two pumps of her Peptide Glazing Fluid primer, applies the mixture to the palm of her hand, and then directly to her face.

While  many makeup artists apply complexion products to the back of their hands or all over their faces, using the palm of your hand is a new and effective approach.

The secret to Hailey biebers

Scientifically speaking, the palm is the only poreless area on the body, so your foundation won’t seep into your skin.

This technique also ensures that your foundation complements your skin tone and undertone before applying it to your face.

After trying out the secret to Hailey Biebers dewy foundation look, it will automatically become your go to foundation hack for 2023.

All you have to do to get started is to apply primer and foundation to the palm of your hands, blend thoroughly, and voila!


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