Traveling can be so much fun, but packing is…another story. Here are a few ways to enjoy your vacation and the travel time.

Flights of Fancy- Who said you must look frumpy to fly? In the early days of jet-setting, it was recognized as a privilege and they dressed accordingly. You don’t have to don a full suit, but a little primp and gloss never hurts. For extended flights, a fashionable eye mask can help you look well-rested upon disembarking.

Fashion - Flying High 1
Birds of Paradise- A quick journey means you can dress up and still be comfortable en route. Make the most of your travels by being prepared for any great opportunities you may encounter. You never know who you will meet, so don’t have regrets over something that could’ve been easily avoided. Taking a little more time to dress up may lead to the career of a lifetime- or marriage.

Fashion - Flying High 2
Too Cold- A drop in temperature tends to mean a drop in style, but you can change the trend. Make the most of holidays in colder climates by adding glam to your much-needed items. Coats and scarves provide style in seconds when matched to footwear and accessories. (Pre-plan your outfits based on your wintry weather gear and prevent fashion faux pas while abroad.)

Fashion - Flying High 3
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