Do you totally shirk at the thought of exercising in any shape or form?
There is still a way out for you. Don’t give up on your health and
fitness goals yet, as I am yet to meet anyone who hates dancing.

Even though it has been in existence since time memorial, dancing has
been recognized in the last few centuries by the health and fitness
community as a valid means of losing weight and staying healthy.

Dancing is known to increase a persons flexibility, to tone up the
muscles and to regulate the heart rate and increase weight loss by
reducing a person’s body fat.

One hour of dancing has been confirmed to burn up to 400 calories,
similar to swimming and riding bicycles. There are different types of
dancing and they are all effective, even though you may burn slightly
more or less calories depending on the type of dance moves you go for.

Some of the effective dance types include hip hop,dance workouts, zumba,
salsa, ballet, jazzercise, ballroom dancing, belly dancing, pole
dancing, tap dancing, freestyle dancing and many others.

There is no limit to place or time when you can dance. Hence, whether
you are dancing at that owanbe party, or in a religious gathering, or
just alone behind closed doors, because you enjoy it, the calories will
definitely melt off of you. To lose weight with dancing, you must dance
for at least an hour, 5 times a week, while 3 times a week will help you
maintain your current weight.

A final note of warning, make sure you are lifting your body and getting
into the groove so that you can lose the maximum weight possible. You
can also find the dance types you love most on YouTube and the internet
and dance along or you can register for the dance class at your neighborhood gym.

Dance Your Way to Your Ideal Weight 1

Dance Your Way to Your Ideal Weight 2

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