Just like stretch marks and acne, Hips dips are also a natural element in our bodies that a lot of females still struggle with. This is especially because of the picture perfect bodies we see every day on social media.

In this article, we will explore 6 ways to dress your body if you have hips dips and would love to hide it.

Before we explore it, you should understand that our bodies are beautiful and each curve and mark tells a story. At the same time, it’s okay to want to change a part of you if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

This article is for those with hip dips who are still struggling to accept it.

These are 6 ways to dress if you have hip dips and want to make them les noticeable;

Avoid Bodycon outfits

6 ways to dress if you have hip dips

This may go without saying at this point in the list, but it a major style tip. Body con dresses and skirts, while they can be fun to wear, are tricky with hip dips. Because of their tight fit it’s not uncommon for hip dips to appear more exaggerated in these silhouettes.

Wear Highwaisted Bottoms

6 ways to dress if you have hip dips

Waist placement of skirts and pants can really change the way the body looks in clothing. In the case of hip dips, higher rise bottoms are the best option. When wearing a higher rise bottom it makes the waist, and hips, appear higher up on the body, which is a really great trick when you have hip dips.

Wear Peplum Tops

Peplum is another silhouette you may be surprised to learn is highly flattering with hip dips. To put it simply, it’s a great choice because of the flared out element of the silhouette that skims by the hips distracting from hip dips.

Of course, to really make the most of this silhouette it’s important that the peplum detail rests on the right place of the body. If the peplum flare rests above the hips too high it can have a reverse figure flattering effect. Make sure it’s either right at the hips or even slightly below for the best length.

Wear Flowy dresses

6 ways to dress if you have hip dips

Styling outfits with hip dips really comes down to focusing on ways to make the hip dip region appear less prominent, this can be done by choosing different silhouettes and shapes of garments. One really incredible silhouette with hip dips is fit and flare. Ok, a-line is great too and gives a very similar effect to the body.

These flared out dress and skirt shapes are ideal with hip dips because they glide out, slightly away from the hip area which takes all the focus away from hip dips. The shapes offer a subtle way to mask hip dips, while adding more emphasis to the waistline and area below the hips where the skirt length ends.

Wear Darker Bottom Colors

Silhouettes aren’t the only way to work with hip dips in a figure flattering manner. You can also use color! Placement of colors, meaning where they rest on the body, can be a really cool way to minimize and highlight parts of the body you want. In the case of hip dips, wearing darker colors on the bottom half and bolder, lighter and/or brighter colors on top is the way to go.

Wear Looser Fitting Pants

6 Ways To Dress If You Have Hips Dips 1

Wearing loose fitting clothes isn’t always the most common styling tip, but wearing loose fitting clothing strategically CAN be a way to flatter hip dips. In the situation of hip dips wearing looser fitting pants can be a major styling hack.

So there you have it! These are 6 ways to dress if you’re trying to make your hip dips less noticeable.

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