Damn! Big boobs are hella sexy. But they can also be hella stressful.

If you have big boobs, then you should know how difficult it is trying to find the right dresses or tops for your body. This is why you need to know how to dress if you have big boobs.

It’s like this; You don’t want the whole attention to be on your boobs but at the same time, you don’t want to look like a prude or be overly conservative by dressing down because you want to take all at the attention away from your boobs.

What are you supposed to do then?

How do you find that perfect balance between sexiness and modest?

This is how to dress if you have big boobs

Wear The Right Bras

How To Dress If You Have Big Boobs 1

Bras are the most important aspects if you want to look chic while rocking your big boobs.

Most people opt for push up bras because most women with big boobs deal with saggy tits and so the need the extra lift.

However, push up bras can make your breasts look even bigger than they are and give you an uncomfortable elevated appearance.

Let’s not forget the back ache and stress they cause.

Go for nice fitted bras that cup your breasts well. This will give your boobs a better definition and make it sit well in any top or dress you decide to put on.

Avoid Very Tight Or Very Loose Tops

How To Dress If You Have Big Boobs 2

Avoid tight tops if you have big breasts except you want to look sexy and draw attention to your breasts.

Tight tops make your breasts look bigger and accentuate it’s shape more. People are bound to stare at your breast region once they look at you.

At the same time, wearing a top that is too loose or baggy will also make you look bigger than you actually are.

While your boobs might not be defined, they will still stick out and because your waist isn’t accentuated, your breasts will still end up being the center of attention .

The correct thing to do would be to wear tops that are well fitted to your body. Not too tight and definitely not too loose.

Choose A good material


Good materials mean a lot when dressing for your big breaths. Cheap materials can make your breasts look badly shaped. You don’t want a material that is too light. You want to wear something a material that will bring you comfort while still holding your boobs nicely.

Accessorize With A Pendant


Wearing Pendants are a great way to take the attention away from your breasts and instead focus them on your jewelry.

The pendant resting in the middle of your breast can be a great distraction from straying eyes and can also give the illusion of a smaller sized breasts.

Accentuate Other Parts Of Your Body

How To Dress If You Have Big Boobs 3

A good way to take some of the heat off your breast is by showing off other equally great and sexy part of your body.

Show off your legs, your arms or accentuate your waist while wearing dresses and tops.

Wear V-Neck-lined Tops And Dresses

How To Dress If You Have Big Boobs 4


If you want to look formal and professional in a work setting as a woman with big boobs, then invest in V-neck shaped tops.

These tops can perfectly cover the breasts and some can even  show a bit of cleavage if that what you want. They give the breast a nice round definition and you’re guaranteed to look stylish and chic while wearing v-neck shaped tops.

Wear Jackets Or A Blazer

Another way to dress your big boobs, is wearing jackets or blazer over your top. If you feel like your top is showing a lot of boob outline and you don’t have the time to change it for another, then you can just wear a jacket or a nice blazer over the top.

Try any of these tips and let us know what you think!

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