“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian Anderson. The writer of this quote knew the essence and importance of travelling.

Life truly begins when one is able to travel and see the world. Travelling unlocks beautiful experiences in people.

Especially traveling with a plan, below are some of the places to go on your next journey to Manchester, United Kingdom.

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. Famous for its soccer team and music scene, this centre for sports and the arts is a down-to-earth and friendly city. The so-called Capital of the North has overcome industrial decline and bombing in WWII and by the IRA, to become a confident and cosmopolitan city of over two million people. It is well served by a bus and light rail network, a boon for visitors on sightseeing expeditions.

If you are Places to visit.

  1. Visit The John Rylands Library.

Manchester’s Central Library- It is not a cliché that readers are leaders. If you love reading, then this place is a great way to start your adventure. Opened in 1900, this neo-Gothic building says much about Manchester’s industrial fortunes. Different adventures include a walking tour, scavenger hunt, private self-guided treasure hunt and more.

  1. The Manchester Museum.

This museum has many exhibits that takes you through a timeline of the industrial revolution.

3. The City of Manchester Distillery

An absolutely amazing gin experience where you learn about the history, context and creative process of making gin!

4. Visit Chinatown

This place has quite a number of restaurants, bakeries, businesses and supermarkets. You will be welcomed with a three-tired pagoda.

5. Try going to Ancoat

it is a hangout for food-obsessed Millennials. This definitely should be your first point of contact. Ancoats is a happening neighborhood known for its eclectic food and drink scene. Scandinavian eateries, Japanese teahouses, and Mexican restaurants, to name a few, sit alongside craft breweries and speakeasy-style bars. The ‘peeps’—brass peepholes on various buildings—give a glimpse of the machinery and spaces of old Ancoats, once a gritty textile district. Former church Hallé St Peter’s now hosts classical concerts

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Experience and savour your travel with many highlights and seek to create memories.


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