Color blocking involves using “blocks of color” in your outfit to create a bold, eye-catching look. It requires a certain precision to get colour blocking right. Here are some tips to help.


You can choose a monochromatic look by choosing colours from the same spectrum. We did that with the orange and red look: both colours are from the Red Colour spectrum.

From The Same Color Family

Another way to colour block is to follow the rainbow color order. If you look at a rainbow, you would see that the colors all purple, blue and green shades are at end of the rainbow. While Yellow, orange, and red are the other side (including pink). When color blocking this way, choose one side of the rainbow family and have fun.

Colour Styling; What’s Your Colour Play Like?

Contrasting Tones

If you want to get bold, choose colours from opposite ends of the rainbow. For example, when we mixed orange blazer with purple trousers. This one is tricky, so be careful how you mix these very opposite colours! If you don’t get it right, you would end up looking like you had an accident with a rainbow. The best way to avoid this is to choose a bright colour and block it with a softer shade of the opposite color. Don’t colour block two bright rich opposites.

Color Blocking Dos:

  • Use at least two colours. If you want to start off, use one bold color in your outfit and the second bold color in accessories.
  • Add a neutral like black, grey, tan, or white to the mix, as we did with the white, green, and yellow look.
  • Layer at least two separates to color block. For instance, A dress plus jacket, or pants plus top.

I hope with these few tips I can convince you to try your hand at colour blocking.

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