Leather is one of the oldest pieces of fabric a man has ever worn. It gives a cool ànd edgy vibe to your outfits. But, we live in a tropical climate, so Leather Styling in this sweltering heat can be hard. We have some Leather Styling tips to help you look cool in our 360 degrees weather.

Choose a skirt in a flowy silhouette: Since it’s not tight around your legs, a leather skirt with an A-line skirt or something with a thigh slit. Such pieces will be breezy enough for you to wear even with our tropical climate.

Go sleeveless: No sleeves equal no sweat. Repeat: no sleeves equals no sweat. This Leather sleeveless dress is a winner because it means no sweat. Also, you get the chance to show off your sexy legs on a date night with Bae.

Mix It Up: If the idea of all leather pieces seems too much, you can get a piece of clothing mixed with another fabric. Here, we chose a pair of leggings that has leather and lycra bits. This way, you still get the edge of wearing leather without having to wear a full leather piece.

The right styling choices will help you can slay a leather piece in the sweltering heat.


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