The consumption of soda is not seen as being beneficial for the body, but even if you are aware of this, you may find it difficult to stop drinking it because you probably don’t know what other drinks might replace it. 

There are a ton of nutritious soda alternatives in Nigeria that can give you a better taste than soda. These alternatives not only gives you the sweetness and gratification that soda does, but also a lot of health advantages. 

Here are some soda alternatives in Nigeria:

Soya Milk

Ever tried this? One of the best soda substitutes for you is soya milk. To cut calories, look for low-fat, unsweetened soy beverages. Also, choose soy milk that has been enriched with vitamins and nutrients like calcium and D.

soda alternatives in Nigeria

Coconut Water 

Unsweetened coconut water has the added benefit of being a low-sugar beverage and a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Because it is made from the coconut fruit itself and contains 94 percent water, coconut water is typically used to hydrate. So, this is a great soda alternative for you.

Soda Alternatives in Nigeria


Chapman is a wonderful alternative for soda. It is a non-alcoholic cocktail beverage produced from a blend of cucumber, sprite, orange, and Fanta. Usually, some cucumber slices and ice cubes are added to this awesomeness. You are assured of getting more health advantages from this drink than you would from drinking soda because different fruits are utilized to make it.

soda alternatives in Nigeria

Plain Water

Oh well, water is the healthiest alternative for soda. You may think water doesn’t bring any fun with it so you find it difficult switching from soda to water. But water is much healthier!

soda alternatives in Nigeria 

Fruit Juice

These days, fruit juice are widely available, but some of them contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. Natural flavour is a healthier option: Simply add slices of your preferred fruits, vegetables, and herbs to a pitcher of ice-cold water for a flavorful and reviving beverage. Try lemons, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, mint, or limes. Fruit that has been cut up and frozen in ice cube trays with water is an excellent alternative. Add a few of these vibrant fruit cubes to your drink for immediate flavor and color!

soda alternatives in Nigeria

Coffee If You Need Caffeine 

When used in moderation, coffee can be a healthy addition to your diet. Unsweetened coffee is the healthiest option and one of the finest soda alternatives either black or with a little amount of nonfat or low-fat milk.

soda alternatives in Nigeria

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