49 WAYS TO GET RID OF THE OTHER WOMAN (WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT) is abook that deals with one of the major issues that seems to have become the aberrant norm in many marriages today – infidelity. It looks at this issue through the lens of the wife, as she seeks to permanently oust an intruder who is threatening to, or has already entered into, her territory.

AMAKA CHIKA- MBONU is a motivational speaker and critically acclaimed author of the book ‘HOW TO GET YOUR WIFE TO SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER
IN A RED NEGLIGÉE;. Through this book, the author presents a chronicle of laws, petitions, supplications, and declarations of war. It is essentially a manual for warfare.  The weapons wielded are laser-precise targeted words and actions, and readers will find that this book will focus their consciousness, change and renew their mind-set, and ready them to engage. The stance and tone in militant, violent, and aggressive, and the author doesn’t hesitate to inform us that, as in regular warfare, there will be causalities. She employs the sue of several short, but riveting stories loosely based on true facts garnered over fifteen years a as marital and pre-marital counselor. These stories are interspersed throughout the narrative.


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