How are you spending your weekend? In need of ideas to spice it up a bit more?

Well you should definitely watch the new movie “Luther the fallen sun”.

In Luther The Fallen Sun, an important  scene in the movie sees Idris Elba being offered a martini, but he declines in favor of water.

This gesture definitively quashes any lingering doubts about his desire to play James Bond. Although Daniel Craig excelled in the role, it takes a toll on the actor, and we need someone like Elba for more diverse and interesting roles, such as Luther.

The film, Luther the fallen sun, written by Neil Cross and directed by Jamie Payne, depicts Idris Elba’s character Luther as having criminal tendencies which finally catches up with him, leading to his imprisonment by a psychopathic tech billionaire and serial killer, played by Andy Serkis.

Idris Elba in Luther the fallen sun

Despite Robey’s attempts to silence him, Luther emerges as a force of nature, driven by a sense of responsibility to right past wrongs.

Robey is an abhorrent character, driven by a need for power and control over his victims, whom he tortures and kills for his own twisted pleasure. Luther haunted by a failed promise to a victim’s mother, is determined to bring him to justice.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is essentially a feature-length season of the show, with action, thrills, and violence.

Although there are inconsistencies and plot contrivances the film delivers what fans have come to expect from the franchise: a thrilling, emotionally resonant crime drama.

Overall Luther The Fallen Sun is a well-crafted film that showcases Elba’s magnetic performance and adds to the enduring appeal of his iconic character. Its also a standalone work, which can be enjoyed without having watched the series.

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