Knock knock! Here comes the weekend.  This means it is time for EM’s movie of the week synopsis.

While you’re getting ready to rope yourself for the weekend, you should check out this current trending movie on Netflix, “We Are Ghost”.

“We Are Ghost” is a movie about a family who moves into a spooky old house that they got at a really low price. The real estate agent who sold them the house didn’t want to tell them about its creepy past.

At first, the family didn’t realize that they weren’t alone in the house. But soon they realized that there was a ghost living with them.

We are ghost - EM’s movie of the week

In the movie “We are ghost”, the ghost was played by David Harbour, who many people know from the TV show “Stranger Things“. He appeared to the family’s teenage son Kevin, who was exploring the attic.

The ghost tried to scare Kevin, but it was a bit comical because the ghost didn’t seem very convincing.

Eventually, Kevin stopped laughing and tried to understand the ghost’s situation. The ghost’s name was Ernest, which Kevin learned from the name on his shirt.

Ernest could touch other people but couldn’t be touched. He didn’t speak and didn’t have any memories of his life before he became a ghost. Ernest was like a lost animal that needed to be approached with caution and on his own terms.

The three men in the family accepted the ghost’s presence immediately, but Kevin’s mother reacted differently.

She was scared and angry when she saw Ernest, and she was upset that her family had been hiding the ghost from her. She didn’t want to stay in the house anymore and wanted to leave.

We Are Ghost - EM’s Movie Of The Week 1

Meanwhile, Kevin’s older brother and father wanted to make money from the ghost. They rushed to post a video of Ernest on YouTube, hoping to make it go viral. But Ernest only appeared to Kevin, and the two of them had a special bond. They both felt lost in some way, and they understood each other.

As the video of Ernest went viral, it caught the attention of a supernatural expert who worked with the CIA and a TV medium who may or may not be a charlatan. They both wanted to investigate Ernest and learn more about him.

In the end, the family had to decide what to do with Ernest. They could keep him and try to understand him, or they could try to get rid of him.

We are ghost is a heartwarming comical story about family, love, and understanding.

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