The popular Netflix movie “Far from home” is  story that follows the journey of Ishaya Bello, a young man living in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, who works multiple jobs to save money for a prestigious artist’s fellowship in London.

Far from home

His parent Patricia and Ishaya Sr., encourage him to prioritize his education over his passion for music.

Ishayas sister, Rahilia, spots an advertisement for a scholarship opportunity at the prestigious Wilmer School, but she doesn’t apply.

Desperate to improve his family financial situation, Ishaya overhears a wealthy client discussing a way to cheat the Wilmer School admission exam and decides to steal the exam answers and use the scholarship money to travel to London.

Far from home

Along the way, he faces challenges and dangerous situation, but ultimately achieves his goal and meets a member of the wealthy Wilmer-Willoughby family.

Far From Home - Sizzling Movie Of The Week! 1

Despite witnessing murder, he decides to steal the application fee from another boss. Once he’s in the school, he employs creative methods to obtain a transcript and meets a member of the wealthy Wilmer-Willoughby family, Carmen (Elma Mbadiwe).

Things progress from there and you will have to watch the movie “Far from home” to know how it all ends.

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