If you are a very curious mind, you must have thought to yourself, especially after a nice sex experience; how long is too long for sex?

Well, there are no any specific rule for the amount of time that sex should last, neither is there any specific rule. After all, who gives a hoot about time when they are having sweet sweet’ sex? You just want to be in the moment.

How Long Is Too Long For sex?


Sex isn’t something people normally do while monitoring the bedside clock, who focuses in the clock and sex at the same time? If you do please drop a comment in the comment session because we would like to know how you do that. Which goes to say that an unassisted time estimation may be difficult during a beautiful session of love-making.

Some people may only count the penetrative sex as the main sex but that isn’t true. There is a lot more to sex than just having orgasm. How about the build up to penetration like kissing, smooshing and so on. The fun sure starts from there! And who would rush it or pay attention to time, when you are having the time of your life.

How Long Is Too Long For sex? 


While quickies can be fun, it should also be balanced and not happen all the time.  Quickies are like candy and ice cream, part of the food pyramid, very tasty, just not intended for everyday sustenance.

According to research, people don’t necessarily or usually know how long the sex goes on for. However the most frequent findings is that the average time for each couple in times they had sex ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. 

This makes it clear that there is no specific amount of time that sex should go on for and no time is too long for sex! When you are in the mood, float with it and simply enjoy yourself!




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