Let’s face it! No one loves cakey loud makeup. It’s uncomfortable, messy and just completely unattractive to look at.  Unfortunately, the internet is a walking advertisement of loud cakey makeup. How did we end up saturated with the same content we should run from?

Do you desire to wear light natural makeup that is not only long lasting but will have you looking effortlessly beautiful? Do you want to know hoe it feels to have makeup on but have everyone asking you if you are actually wearing one? We got you! There are no tricks here, just easy simple hacks! Keep reading to find the easy tips to master the natural makeup look

If you are thinking of having a natural look while you’re in fact actually on some make up, you are right on time. Lets help you find out how to master the natural makeup look.

Here Are 6 Ways To Master The Natural Makeup Look

Begins With A Healthy Skin

The more your skin is healthy the less make up it needs to glow. To maintain a glowy skin, make sure your face is thoroughly washed and looks superb. Then apply a good moisturizer to give it that glow and shiny effect.

Glow It Up With Primer

Primer is an in-between step after skincare and before makeup. It’s an intentional step you take to make sure that your skin glows with or without makeup. It allows you the comfortability to skip face makeup altogether and wear it alone for a better natural look.

How To Master The Natural Makeup Look

Blend Softly

Now that your skin looks hydrated and all glowed up, you do not need to apply a fully baked foundation on your face. Although some light complex products will help you work the magic of evening your tone, making you look natural and beautiful.  

Even Out Your Complexion 

Now that you’ve laid the base layer of your makeup, use a light hand and some concealer to hide all traces of redness and dark spots and even dark circles on your face. Dot your concealer where you need it, and use a precision brush to blend it using small, circular motions.

How To Master The Natural Makeup Look

Glam It Up

Add the finishing touch by applying a translucent setting powder. To apply, simply dip the flat side of a brush into your setting powder and tap the handle with your pointer finger to get rid of any excess product. Then, gently press the bristles onto your face, patting the powder in with light dabbing motions to blend and distribute. 

How To Master The Natural Makeup Look

Smoosh It Up With A Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm always gets the job done. It moisturizes your lips while giving you a light, buildable stain that’ll last throughout the day. When you want more impact, trace the borders of your lips (or just outside them) with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color. You can fill in your lips with the same pencil for long-lasting color, or use a coordinating nude lip color for a softer finish.

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