Depression sucks and because it sucks so bad you have to learn how to fight depression when it comes knocking.

Alert! It’s not going to be easy.

It can be debilitating and painful. You might find yourself at so many moments finding it  so difficult to just breathe.

So many times, we are told to just snap out out if. But, the reality is a bit different.

If it was so easily to just snap out our depression, a lot of people would not find themselves depressed.

Truthfully, overcoming depression is not something that will happen in a day and involves consistency and determination even on days when you don’t feel like fighting.

It’s important to deal with and overcome your depression because it can lead to suicidal thoughts when ignored which can become fatal.

How You Can Fight Depression And Hopefully Overcome It

Be More Expressive

How to fight depression

With depression, your creativity and sense of fun may seem blocked. But it can help to do things that get your creative juices flowing. Paint, draw, or doodle. Sew, cook, or bake. Write, dance, or compose music. Chat with a friend or play with a pet. Find something to laugh about. Watch a funny movie. Do things you can enjoy. Even a little. That helps turn depression around.


How to fight depression

Doing moderate exercise about five times a week (30 minutes a pop) can dramatically help your mood.  Moderate exercise is a level of activity where it is difficult to sing from your diaphragm while doing it.  Also pay attention to how the type of food or drink you’re eating influences your mood.  You don’t have to do fad diets, but anyone will be depressed if they frequently binge on carbs, junk food, and energy drinks. Remember the virtue of moderation.

Think Of Something Happy And Positive

When you continually revisits a painful memory (say, of a romantic rejection or failed business enterprise), it can tip you  into a very bad emotional state.  Before you tilt over and let those sad feeling engulf you, try to remember happy moments.

Think of happy memories. If you can’t hunk of any past happy memory, then imagine one for yourself.

Look Forward  To Things

When you’re busy and engaged, you don’t give your depression time to grow and develop.

Plan something and dedicate your time into making it work.

When you always have something to look out for, it makes life worth living.

Think of something that will keep you excited at least and carefully work towards achieving it.


How to fight depression

Try to keep a regular sleep schedule.

Keep a balance with not too little and not too much sleep

. Staying up late one night and then sleeping in excessively the next day is a sure-fire way to feed depression. 

Also, don’t try to solve problems late at night when your brain is half-asleep.

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