Do you want to know how it feels to always win at fashion? It feels amazing and you will start to feel your confidence sky rocket.

Have you ever heard someone proclaim their love for fashion? Or have said these exact words: “I love fashion, I eat and breathe fashion.” Well, we have, on numerous occasions. But then you look at them and think, for someone who has devoted their life to “Fashion”, why don’t we love your outfit or style?

Simply put, it is because style is subjective, not guided by trends or labels. That said, whatever your personal style may be, we feel that if most women adhered to certain wardrobe guidelines, their style-metre would soar.

Some guidelines to win at fashion are:

Wear clothes that suit your body shape

This Is How You Win At Fashion All The Time 1

If you’re wider around the thighs then avoid tight-fitting trousers; if you have broader shoulders, cap sleeves and shoulder pads are not your friend, stay away from it.

Dressing too young or too old for your age

Whether your time will come or your time has passed, we suggest you embrace your true age, and dress appropriately.

Footwear etiquette

Win at fashion

Never buy a pair of shoes too big or too small for you. Not only will you walk funny, you’ll be left scarred with blisters. Also, a shoe too big makes you look like a child borrowing your mother’s shoe, it’s not a professional nor sophisticated look. And don’t even get us started on what poor fitting shoes do to you posture.

Stop Wearing Crocs and Flip Flops

How to win at fashion

We know that the argument for them is comfort but they are not a fashion statement and should not be mistaken for sandals, as they do not by any means carry the same effect. If you must, wear them in your own home.

Jeggings and leggings are not meant to be loose

This Is How You Win At Fashion All The Time 2

Long or short leggings don’t work the same way as trousers, so if you’re going to wear it, choose a size that fits you.

Low-rise trousers are not flattering

Strictly, that is not a rule but we thought we’d add this in as a tip. It’s a very passé almost prehistoric trend, and honestly it makes your legs look short and your butt look flat.


Nothing too short, strike a balance. 

This Is How You Win At Fashion All The Time 3

If you choose to show some skin, you either flaunt your legs or your chest but never both. Remember you are addressed the way you are dressed. So strive for a modest look. 

Dear EM readers that’s our fashion etiquette for today, I hope you abide by it.

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