It’s been proven that exercise at any age provides multiple benefits, beyond weight loss or weight control, most important of all is helping you keep fit.

According to Mayo Clinic “Even moderate physical activity such as walking or raking leaves can help prevent or delay age-associated conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure” 

For older men and women age 40 and above, low impact workouts are recommended to help them keep fit. Allowing them burn a high number of calories while lowering risk of injury.

An aerobic routine coupled with strength training, a healthy diet, and stretching would improve the body’s metabolism, keep weight off and reduce bad cholesterol.

It also helps fight depression and improve sleep patterns. Bear in mind when exercising that fitness means the ability to get on with life without becoming exhausted by normal activities, so you must avoid doing too much.


While for middle-aged men and women struggling with weight gain, all you have to do is increase your physical activity by adding extra minutes to your regular workout routine every day of the week. 


Recommended activities for both men and women to help keep fit includes; walking, dancing, playing tennis, swimming, and working out with exercise videos. These activities would increase overall health and wellness, regardless of their previous health or shape. 


Few Places to Exercise Your Body So You Can Keep Fit;


Your living room

You can transform a part of your living room into a fitness zone and do weights, squats, or carry dumbbells which you can substitute with bottled water if you can’t find one while watching an exercise video. 

Keep fit in your living room

The Kitchen

Use domestic chores to burn those weights, by washing dishes, cutting veggies, organizing the kitchen, and preparing a nice healthy meal for yourself or the family.

Keep fit in your kitchen

The Swimming Pool

You can sign up for a swimming lesson and also make new swimming partners there. Aqua aerobics is exciting, and group sessions surely make the boring workouts much more fun. 

Keep fit while swimming

The Park

A stroll, jog or run in the park makes you feel closer to nature and also keeps you fit. You can also do stretching, squats, lunges and so on to give you your desired shape or you can even cycle in the park for an hour, and see how you drop the pounds.


The Stairs

You can substitute the stairs for lifts by doing lunges, cardio workouts, and step-ups. Vary the pace and record your progress to see the difference made. 

5 Ways You Can Keep Fit 1

So, EM readers let’s book a workout session this weekend.

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