Sometimes the best skincare tips are the ones that cost the least.

2022 is gradually coming to an end, but for you this could just be the beginning of a new skincare journey.

Best Skincare Tips You Should Get Stared On  Right Now!

Limit The Amount Of Products You Use

Most times, less is more.

It’s normal to feel that the more products you use, the better chances your acne has of getting better. But sometimes, it’s far from the truth.

Many products in your routine doesn’t necessarily promise better. Aside from being time-consuming and expensive, an overabundance of products can stress your skin and lead to breakouts.

All you need is a good cleanser, a good toner, an effective serum and a moisturizer. Of course, you should not forget to follow up with an SPF.

Ice Your Face

ice your face - best skincare tips

I know! Who wants to do that right?

But in reality, icing your face actually helps products penetrate more.

It can also help calm inflammation and skin irritation.

Cold therapy on the skin promises great benefits.

You can speed up the healing process of your acne by rubbing ice all over your face. Be careful not to keep it on your face for too long.

You can  massage your clean skin with ice for two to three minutes,  three times a day.

Do Not Skip Toners

Gone are the days when toners where infused with a lot of alcohol and would completely strip the skin it’s natural oils. Now, toners are a lot more gentle and also super effective.

You definitely need a toner in your skincare routine to prep your skin and allow products penetrate better.

The secret bonus of a toner is prepping your skin for better absorption of follow-on products to maximize results.

When you skip a toner, you reduce the effectiveness of the other skincare products in your routine.

Sunscreen is a must

If you’re still of the school of thought that black people do not need sunscreen then you’re so wrong. Using sunscreen is one of the best skincare tips you can include in your daily routine. 

Every skin regardless of its tone or complexion needs and will benefit immensely from using sunscreen.

UV is the biggest accelerator of skin aging, and most of the long-term damage from UV exposure happens before age thirty.

The best way to slow down your aging process through limiting your exposure to sun is by wearing sun screen always.

Remember, the sun rays can pass through glass, so always include a good quality sunscreen in your skincare regimen especially during the day.

Jump On The Niacin-amide Train

Because, why not?

This vitamin B3 derivative is a multiple purpose skincare ingredient. It can be found in toners, serums and even body lotions.

It has very  strong and powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is best for treating skin textures as well as toning the skin evenly.

It also helps increase your skin elasticity as skin barrier when using properly and consistently.

You Need A Vitamin C Serum

best skincare tips - vitamin c serum

Every skincare routine needs a vitamin C Serum.

It’s absolute gold for your skin.

Vitamin C contains strong properties that helps fade hyperpigmentation, discolorations as well as spots. They also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face when used constantly.

You will be able to achieve younger, firmer and brighter skin when using a vitamin c serum.

Include it as part of your morning ritual for a smoother fresher and more radiant looking face.


Best Skincare Tips You Should Try In 2022 1

Sometimes the best way for your skin to heal us by doing nothing; just sleep.

During this nightly downtime, cells go into regeneration mode, tissue is strengthened, and cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for inflammation, decreases.

At the same time, increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin helps remove toxins and promote a brighter complexion. Take advantage of your body’s reparative sleep mode by using nourishing skincare as part of your nighttime routine.

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