When going to a wedding, there are certain etiquette which is typically “expected”, from who to invite as a couple to what to wear as a guest.

Seek permission if need be

Some tradition states that the prospective groom asks the father of the bride for his permission to propose. Although this is getting outdated, tradition is still expected by lots of families.

Use your judgment of family relationships to think about what would be expected and if in doubt then we say ask permission. It’s better to ask when they weren’t expecting it than to not ask and the family were expecting it! You might want to speak to your partner about it to be on the safer side.

Bring a gift to the wedding 

Going to a wedding

It’s polite to bring a gift to the wedding but you don’t have to spend a fortune, and if the gift list is filled with ideas out of your price range then think about what other unique gifts you could bring.

Keep the whites in your closet

Going to a wedding, keep the whites in your closet

Except it’s an all-white party, do not wear white to a wedding ceremony. Not all brides would appreciate that. 

Keep the jeans in your closet

Except clearly stated “informal dress code” then you can opt for Jean trousers. 

Seek permission to bring a Plus One

Every wedding ceremony has a budget and randomly bringing a plus one may not be a good idea, it’s better you pre-inform the couple about your plus one before the wedding day.

Don’t be too eager to post on  Social Media

Some couples may want a private wedding and wouldn’t appreciate their photos on social media. Alternatively, if they have encouraged social media posting and created a hashtag then go for it. If in doubt you could wait until the couple post some pictures themselves.

Honor invites

We are in a busy world and sometimes we get so busy even on weekends but if an invite has been sent to you, do your possible best to honour it, and if you cannot do well to inform the couple before the wedding day. Ghosting them would be seen as a disrespectful act.


Arrive early at the ceremony 

Going To A Wedding Soon? 7 Things You Should Do 1

It is a big faux pas to be “fashionably late” for a wedding and most events, but one standout tip for wedding guest etiquette is to arrive early to the ceremony. That way, you can see the beautiful setting the couple has planned for months, and take choose a good seat. Ideally, guests should arrive 30 minutes before the invitation start time of the ceremony.

EM readers, when next you have a wedding to attend or plan do well to follow these etiquettes


Written by Uchechukwu 

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